New Phase for Pearlblossom

pblogogwebI’m beginning a whole new phase as I progress through school at IIN, and it’s very exciting!  We past the halfway point last December, and I now can officially start seeing clients.  I already have one client who I really like meeting with!  I would love to meet with you too and find out what your health goals are.

In my six month program, we would meet twice a month for 50 minute sessions. If you need help with stress management or weight management, I’m eager to support you.  Really.  Whenever I meet with my first client, I find the time just flies because it’s so fun.

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I’m really looking forward to talking!


My Journey

My Garden

(Since I’m doing Health Histories with people, one of the most commonly asked question is “How did you get into this field?”  I hope you find a sufficient answer here.)

It’s totally interesting how chronic illness can change a person. Five years ago, if you had told me that I would get acupuncture and be a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I would have seriously doubted you. In a sense, it was my illness that has brought me to this place in my journey, and I would love to take you along.

When I was in college, I fell seriously ill. I grew very thin and slept for hours. Sometimes I would only wake to eat something, and then I would fall asleep again. Although after half a year, I was more functional, I still never fully recovered. Fast forward to when my son was in first grade. I flared big time. My legs tingled. I would only get out of bed to take care of the barebones. My doctor ran numerous tests…MRIs, neurological tests, on and on,…He thought it could be MS or Lupus or some other autoimmune disorder. This was a very shaky and very scary time for me. I remember talking to a neighbor whose husband had MS, and she told me my symptoms were the same. It was completely jarring. Who doesn’t want to be completely healthy?? The MRIs, however, told a different story, and MS was not the adversary. Then the neurologist strongly suspected Lupus. So I went and read books on Lupus. That was another jarring moment.

Yet when I went to the rheumatologist, she said fibromyaglia, and that is what the other doctors agreed on as the diagnosis. From then on, it’s been a lot of work, a lot of asking for God’s grace, and a lot of new beginnings. I read books to understand better how to handle this illness–it’s limitations–and worked towards improving my life.

On of my instructors at IIN told a story that I think fits with where I’m at right now. Once there was a lake full of healing waters, but the waters would only heal if an angel stood near. People would come whenever the angel arrived and were healed. There was a doctor who had a very serious disease, and he went to the lake while the angle visited. The angel, however, barred the doctor from the lake. The doctor, of course, was surprised, and the angel explained that it was this doctor’s illness that helps him to be such a good doctor. He would never be allowed into the lake, and the doctor became known throughout the land as a very compassionate and dedicated doctor. I think that my illness has brought me to a place where I can care and support people in similar situations.

I have a wellness coach who graduated from the school I now attend. Her name is Katie Den Ouden, and she is the best dear ever! Five years ago, I thought I would have to give up digging and gardening because these activities would cause me to flare. Yesterday, I dug a hole to plant a Purple Ash, and I’m so excited to say, I haven’t flared. Nope. Where the doctors were able to get me going again through drugs and mild exercise, Katie fine tuned my diet because “food is medicine.” I would like to help people too so that I can see healing in people because I’ve experienced that it is possible.

What’s best: Plant and Animal Proteins?

All bodies are not the same.  “Well, yes,” you might think, “some people are short, some tall, and some middling.”  You’re right, but what I mean is bodies process food differently from one another.  Sometimes people who are vegetarians do just fine on that diet, and some do not.  It’s not that those who don’t do well as vegetarians are weaklings in need of some will-power.  Oh no.  Their bodies need more or a different kind of protein from what plants can provide them.  “Let me ‘splain” (as Inigo Montoya from “The Princess Bride” would say).  Protien is so important for the body by, for example, helping to regulate hormones.  Plant proteins provide fiber, zinc, calcium, and all the B vitamins except B12.  Iron is available through plant proteins, but it is hard to digest.  What kind of plants provide protein?  Legumes, soy beans, nuts and some whole grains provide protein, and some people get all the protein they need from these sources.  It’s how their body rolls.  Animal proteins can provide B vitamins, zinc, iron, and calcium but no fiber.  It also takes a little longer to digest.  Sources for animal proteins include dairy products and animal flesh.  Some people can eat mostly plant proteins, but every now-and-then they might need a steak to get them through.  It’s how their bodies roll.  Now before I wish you all an especially great day I must say, diets rich in animal proteins aren’t exempt from problems.  If you eat too much animal protein, you can actually lose calcium through your urine, have an increase of kidney stones, and incur possible liver damage.  A balanced approach would be good for those who aren’t trying to be vegetarians.

Blessings on your day! ❤

The Fun Theory

When people start thinking of exercise as a virtue on the same level as wisdom, it starts to lose its charm.  Riding an exercise bike is like that–you start to feel like a hamster in a wheel.  Surely exercise should be fun??  Watch kids.  They move constantly because they LOVE it.  Here is a fun video demonstrating the Fun Theory which is if people think exercise is fun, they do it more.  I know if my husband took these stairs, he would find a way to play a tune!