Guest Blogger: Katie Den Ouden of Rooted Wellbeing

I’m so excited to introduce you to my very own health coach, Katie Den Ouden. What to say about her??? She is very knowledgeable, sweet, and sincere. With a true desire to help people, she had guided many people to healthier way of living. Please enjoy her post on cleansing!!  -Dani


I feel so honored to be writing this guest post for Dani and her health coaching practice. Dani, you have been such an inspiration with your ability to absorb information, put it into practice, and now showing others the way to living a more meaningful, healthy, and abundant life. The work you do with others is no-doubt amazing and I cannot wait to see where your business unfolds and the numerous amounts of people you impact with your passion and knowledge. Xo. Katie

Cleaning House – A whole new meaning.

Do you ever wish you could feel the energy, mental clarity, and lightness in your body the same way you do when you physically clean your house?

This past Sunday I spent 4 hours cleaning house – everything from the pantry to the bathroom to the closets. I cleared clutter, donated pieces we aren’t using, and made space. It feels so liberating and rejuvenating! I’m starting a new season afresh and feel like I can conquer a TON of my to-do list, woot! woot!

I’ve cleaned my physical space and it feels amazing, but what if I want more? Well, there is “cleaning house” and then there is CLEANING HOUSE. Let me explain…

Many times we get spring fever (or autumn fever in my case) and we clean the house, garage, or even our cars, but we neglect to take care of one of the most important spaces – our beautiful bodies! Either we never attempt to clean our body or we try the latest diet fad to get our body beach-ready or holiday season slim (so we can pack on a few pounds of holiday feasting, of course).

But, the truth is that the fad diets, and even sound diets, can be harmful and never work when we have waste and toxins built up in our system and we never give them the chance to be released.

We have more than enough processed foods in our diets, chemicals in our cleaners, and stress in our lifestyles to slow down and majorly clog our natural detoxification systems.

With autumn and holidays on the way, this is one of the best times of the year to cleanse (spring being the other). With produce plentiful and in season, it’s the perfect time of year to strengthen our immune systems, shed any unwanted summer weight gain (or years of weight gain), release stored up toxins that are keeping us weighed down and fatigued and truly give our body the nourishment it needs have mental clarity, boundless energy, and a lightness about it.

My personal health journey started with a cleanse MANY years ago. The drastic change in how I felt was a-maz-ing. I had boundless energy, clear skin, dropped dress sizes, mindset of euphoria, and could concentrate like Einstein. (And no, I wasn’t doing drugs). The only problem was that I didn’t know HOW to cleanse or WHY to cleanse so even though I ended up getting amazing results that literally changed my life, I started out terrible and dangerously. I needed a system and support to do it safely, correctly, AND still change my life.

Now you are probably thinking crazy cleanses of liquid concoctions and juice fasting. Let me stop you right there – cleansing is and can be SO much more than that AND much safer than those approaches. To help you get started feeling lighter, brighter, and energized for Autumn and the holidays, I’ve pulled together 3 SIMPLE at-home tips you can implement to start feeling being right away.

AND, if you’d like to know more, I’d like to personally invite you to a FREE teleseminar I am giving this Thursday, September 21st, 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST.

Cleansing 101:
Simple & Effective Ways to Cleanse
Without Liquid Fasts, Crazy Concoctions, or Deprivation!

In this FREE TELESEMINAR, I’ll Reveal The Quickest and SIMPLEST Ways To Root Down in Autumn and still feel Lighter, Brighter, and More Energized Than Ever! You’ll uncover why our bodies store toxins, steps to implement right away to cleanse toxins and drop the weight, and 3 bonus recipes from my results-proven Autumn Cleanse Cookbook.

If you can’t make the live call, no worries, simply register for the event and a recording will be sent to you shortly afterwards. To register, simply go to .

3 Simple At-Home Tips to start to feel lighter and brighter before you know it….

1. Start your day with a full glass of water and a splash of fresh lemon juice. The liver is the largest internal organ and is responsible for numerous body functions, but one of the most important things it does is clean our blood by removing toxins. Drinking lemon water is one of the easiest and effective ways to cleanse as it assists the liver by providing high levels of anti-oxidants to neutralize free radicals produced by the liver when filtering the blood. Simply add the juice of ½ lemon to 8 oz. of water and enjoy!

2. Add one serving of greens a day. Leafy greens and green vegetables are one of the most missing foods in our diets today and yet they provide critical agents, such as chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, to protect, heal, and assist in the removal of toxins from the body. Simple ways to increase your greens include 1) using a green leaf (chard, kale, romaine) for wraps instead of a tortilla or slice of bread, 2) eating a small green salad at the beginning of your meal, 3) Green Smoothies!!! Check out these awesome green smoothie recipes to get you started: Green Smoothie Basics, The Elvis Smoothie, and Peachy Keen Green Smoothie Machine.

3. Epsom salt baths. Baths in general are a great way to relax the body. The hot water helps draw toxins to the skin’s surface and as the water temperature cools, the toxins are drawn out of the body. Epsom salts help to further this detoxification process along as the magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) assists in drawing more toxins to the skin surface. Additional benefits include muscle relaxation (decrease of lactic acid buildup), decrease in blood pressure, reduction of inflammation, and digestion aid.

Now, if you find yourself saying, “This is great Katie, but I want to do more! I really want to beat the bloat, have more energy and mental clarity, but I need your help…” Then you’re in luck! Check out the GROUP Autumn Cleanse Programs I am offering starting October 6th. Hundreds have completed this cleanse and keep raving about it to this day. See what it’s all about and if you are ready to up the standards on your health.

Go to

Happy cleansing!

Katie Den Ouden, MA, CHC, AADP
Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach


Pamela Pinto on Enzyme Cleaner, Part II

pearlblossom welcomes back blogger Pamela Pinto to tell us what happened with her enzymes.  As I said earlier, Pamela lives in New York and owns her own organic house cleaning business.  She has had people tell her that her cleaning products and services are a real treat.  Look for her line of products at her soon-to-be Etsy Shop!!



It has been 3 long months, not really it has flown by, but the waiting for the enzyme cleaner to be ready seemed endless!  So back in April I started an enzyme cleaner that has to ferment for 3 months – the 3 months was up this month – woohoo!

I opened the top, not sure what smell might hit me – but the smell was not bad at all, rather pleasant if anything.  I then strained the liquid and I have to say it did not take long for the fruit flies to come hovering over the strainer!  I then poured the liquid into a spray bottle and was ready for some cleaning action.  I wanted to really test it out, so I kept it full strength.  The item was the whirly bird popcorn maker – the grease really builds up on it and so fast!  I had read that the enzyme cleaner was really good on grease.


Look at the color!

Whirley bird top, before

After, can you see the difference? I only cleaned 1 side


I am impressed!  Here are some other uses for the cleaner – can’t wait to try some of them.  Definitely going to try the laundry with it!!

1) for dishes and laundry (use 1/4 cup of enzyme)
2) for washing bathrooms and toilets. grime comes off easily (1 part enzyme to 10 parts water)
3) for removing stubborn stains and odors (colored fabrics and floors) (use undiluted)
4) to clean vegetables and fruits (1 part enzyme to 10 parts water)
5) clear blockages in kitchen sinks and drains (use concentrated or blended pulp/sludge of enzyme)
6) as a natural insect repellent (use undiluted) for ants, cockroaches.
7) for mopping floors (1 part enzyme to 20 parts water)
8) as fertilizer for plants (use 1 part enzyme to 20 parts water, or use the leftover mop water)
9) as a skincare product, e.g. facial cleanser or toner (1 part enzyme to 2 parts water)
10) wash cars – cars will look as if they have just been polished! (1 part enzyme to 20 parts water)

Pamela Pinto on Enzyme Cleaner, Part I

Today I am excited to introduce you to my first ever guest blogger, Pamela Pinto.  She and I are students at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and I had the extreme pleasure of talking with her earlier this week.  What a hard-working lady!!  She runs her own house cleaning business in New York and makes her own cleaning products.  Watch for her Etsy Shop soon which will feature her cleaning products, bath salts, and toothpaste.  Watch for Part II on Tues., Aug. 21, 2012. 🙂  So without further a due….


Dani Lindholm, pearlblossom

Enzyme Cleaner, Part I

Having a green house cleaning business, I am always reading up on new cleaning products and recipes.  I kept coming across articles on how to make your own enzyme cleaner, but since it takes 3 months, yes that is 3 months for it to ferment I have never tried making it. Why now?  Because I have to know if it really works as well as I have read about.  The hardest part was finding a plastic container to use – but I just finished a bottle of vinegar – so I decided now was the time.  I will take pictures along the way and report back on it in 3 months time – can’t wait.  Ok – I have to confess that I went dumpster diving yesterday morning as I walked the dog.  It was recycling day – so I came across a juice container that was perfect, brought it home washed it and wah-lah!

Enzyme Cleaner



2 1/2 cups citrus fruit peels, some fruit is fine (I used all organic)
7 Tbl brown sugar (I used organic)
4 cups water

1. Clean a large plastic container (at least 2 liters).  I think a fruit juice bottle would work best since the top screws on and you can determine how tight it is.

2. Cut up the fruit peels small enough to fit through the opening, some fruit is ok.

3. Add the brown sugar and water.

4. Put the top on and shake the contents until the sugar dissolves.

5. Mark the date you started it on the bottle.

Store in a cool, dark area.

For the first month you will need to give it a shake every day, so store in a cool, dark place where you will see it – the pantry is a good place or a cabinet you go into daily. Gas will build up, so leave the top partially on – you do not want it to explode.  After shaking open the top and let the gas out.  If you start to see a white or black film, just give it a shake – that is the natural yeast growing.  After the first month, give it a shake every so often and check for gas build up.  When the 3 months is up – strain through cheese cloth into a spray bottle.

You will want to use this diluted, but you can use this pretty much, from what I read, for all your cleaning needs: glass, tile, kitchen counters, laundry, cleaning up urine.  Don’t worry I will try it on everything and see how it works compared to what I use already.  Will report back in 3 months with another post!