Cravings II

Sometimes when we have cravings for food, it’s not always food that we want. Human beings are complex, and there is more to us than just what we eat. For example, sometimes when I’m home alone and I could clean or take a walk, I feel listless and slightly bored. This happens more when I have to leave in, say, half-an-hour to get my son from camp. The next thing I know I look through the pantry searching for some gluten-free treat or that oh-so-good dark chocolate; I start munching. I suppose I should use the past tense: started. Now I sit down with a book or call a friend. OK this isn’t a totally serious craving. Yet it’s not off either. Sometimes people aren’t happy at work, or they are lonely. Food becomes a solace. So you see, people really are complex, and cravings can indicate other needs that aren’t being met. The next time you have a craving take a moment to reflect:is it¬†something nourishing I want (which it could!), or is there some other need I have that isn’t being met?

I hope that you have a super, great day. ūüôā



Last night at my son’s ball game, my husband had this HUGE craving for…potatoes. You probably have had cravings like this too. I know I have, and I start thinking I just can’t stay away from “fill in the blank.” He¬†plotted ways of getting himself a nice, big baked potato, how long it would take, and how he would love eating it. Did you know cravings aren’t bad? They’re a signal from your body¬†to let you know¬†you need something, as in the case of my core-conditioning, “let’s run the stairs” husband. Obviously he was low on carbs, and he didn’t necessarily need a potato to get those.¬† They aren’t a sign that you have no self-control. So next time you have a craving, stop and think about what your body¬†tells you.