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Come February 2, 2013, I will hold my first ever workshop on sugar. More details will come in the following weeks! Thanks everyone for all your support!!


Julehjerter or Yule Hearts

julehjerter 010

I love giving whether it’s time or presents; I love giving. I guess that’s one reason I love preparing for Christmas. I get to think about all the people around me and chose those closest to me to give presents. I really do! Every year my son and I walk to a few of our neighbors to give them a card and some cookies. I love doing this. I mean I really can’t sufficiently describe how excited I get. I think my son likes it too, but not as much as I do. This year I’m searching for a couple of good, healthy cookie recipes to make (and I think I’ve found at least one!), and these goodies will go in Yule Hearts which we will make. Oh! They are so cute!! I used some of my green wrapping paper for this one. I also have some red with white polka dots which I think might be really cute.

I suppose if you’re Danish or from a Danish family (which I’m not) you would call them Julehjerter. It’s rumored that Hans Christian Anderson invented them    Apparently, the julehjerter he made in the 1860’s is on display at the Hans Christian Anderson Museum.  Sweets for the sweet, I suppose. Although, I don’t always consider his fairy tales all that sweet. You do, however, fill them with sweets because they are little bags, and you can hang them on your tree. Like I said earlier, I’m so excited to give them to my neighbors.

julehjerter 002

You will need:
-two different colored papers (I used wrapping paper)
-template julehjerter

julehjerter 005

1. Cut out your template.  (I used only half of the template above.  If you use the whole template, don’t fold the other papers, but once traced and cut, fold the whole in half.) Then fold the your papers in half so the back side is showing. Trace your template on the paper without forgetting the slits. Cut. Once you’ve done cutting, fold the paper so the printed side shows.

julehjerter 006

2. Holding a half in each hand, slide the green bottom strip over the closest white strip.

3. Push the green strip into the next white strip. It’s basically like weaving. Each color goes through or over the other. It’s easy to be rough with the paper, so remember: be gentle.

julehjerter 007

4. Keep weaving until you finish.

julehjerter 011

5. Cut and add strip for handle.  You are done, and if you are like me, you are ready to get baking for those neighbors.  🙂


I’ve been doing a little reading lately about the thyroid.  You know, it’s that little butterfly shaped gland that stretches over the area of your Adam’s apple.  The ancient Greeks named the gland thyreos, which means shield, and it regulates your body temperature, as well as your immune system.  It’s a part of the complex endrocrine system in which those essential messangers–your hormones–keep your body functioning.  And, yes, you can blow it by drinking too much coffee and not eating enough. If it malfunctions, it can also be a sign of something wrong with your autoimmune system or endocrine system.

Some of the signs and symptoms of a poorly functioning thyroid gland are as follows:


-weight gain despite a low-calorie diet

-morning headaches which go away as the day goes on



-hypersensitivity to cold

-poor circulation and numbness in hands and feet

-muscle cramps while at rest

-you get…

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