Book: Folks, This Ain’t Normal

Well…I just picked up this book from the library, and it looks like it will be an interesting read.  So to tell you a little more about it, here’s the author talking about it himself, and I will later update you on my thoughts:


Sinus Comfort and Probiotics

My husband and I have sinus issues.  His are much, much worse than mine, and I’m constantly searching for relief or methods to cope with sloppy sinuses.  Everyone in our house has a neti pot.  My husband has a genie-in-the-magic-lamp looking neti pot from the Himalayan Institute.  When I first brought it home, and he started using it, he would actually sing songs praising his neti pot.  It helped him that much! 🙂  I am not as faithful as my dear husband at using my neti pot, and so my sinuses are not nearly as happy as they could be.  This summer my sinuses have been more irritated than usual, and so ever on the quest for sinus comfort, I found out about Olba Sticks and, to me the most surprising of all, probiotics in your neti pot.  I use the PB 8 capsules (, and when I add my salt, I open the capsule to add the probiotics.  I like it, but my husband is still skeptical.  He may eventually try it too; I haven’t given up hope!  At the moment, I use this method once, sometimes twice, a day.  I also use my Olba Stick ( after I use my neti pot which helps move things along.